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October 24, 2015 -- The attack on free speech by the predatory left was demonstrated in The Netherlands this week.

The mainstream Marxist media stereotyped Nederlandse Volks-Unie as "extreme right-wing" and accused its members of "heckling" when they attempted to speak out at town council meetings.

Patriots attend council meetings to defend their nation against the onslaught of Islamic insurgents overrunning their nation.

• Ironically Rotterdam's Muslim mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, had the audacity to refer to native Dutch protesters as "outsiders" in their own nation.

The media informed us that the hecklers carried "white power flags" while chanting ‘the Netherlands for the Dutch, own people first.’

The Confederate flag -- long a symbol of Southern culture -- is considered a 'white power flag' by the predatory left. The media didn't inform us which banner(s) they consider 'white power flags', but we presume 'white power flags' would include any flag carried by patriots.

Karl Marx's mantra was to "accuse others of what you are doing."

• In reality the globalists simply want to shush patriots by accusing them of racism when they attempt to defend their culture from racist genocidal maniacs. Marxism seeks to control our opinions by mischaracterizing those who disagree with the Marxist agenda.

False accusations of "racism" is a common strategy employed by the left to shush opponents and encourage others to hate them.

• In The Netherlands it is a crime to insult foreigners but it is acceptable to slander Dutch patriots.

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Members of the extreme right-wing grouping Nederlandse Volks-Unie regularly attend council meetings about refugees outside their own home towns, the group’s leader has told the Telegraaf. ‘It is an open democracy,’ Constant Kusters told the paper. ‘We are doing all we can to make sure as few refugees as possible come here, in a legal and peaceful way.’ Several mayors have said they think outsiders are turning up at meetings and heckling speakers.

Rotterdam’s mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb, said the audience at a meeting in IJsselmonde he recently attended ‘did not reflect the neighbourhood’.

Joseph Vos, the mayor of Steenbergen, where feelings have been running high, said many outsiders were among those shouting down speakers earlier this week.

Kusters said it would be nonsense to ban non-locals from attending meetings. ‘How many councillors and alderman take decisions about places they don’t live in?’ he told the paper.

In 2013, Kusters was found guilty of insulting foreigners and discrimination at a rally in the southern city of Enschede. During the demonstration he and his supporters chanted ‘the Netherlands for the Dutch, own people first’ and carried White Power flags.

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