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October 27, 2015 -- 21 years after apartheid ended in South Africa, the nation's black population remains a "conquered" people according to one black nationalist.

Julius Malema said "Black people remain a conquered nation" during a radio interview.

Malema says he wants to bring prosperity to South Africa by distributing wealth equally.

Malema's The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) held a march Tuesday demanding the "country's institutions to ensure the white minority release wealth into the hands of the black majority."

The white minority in South Africa are descendants of Dutch and English settlers who found the region virtually unpopulated, save for the Khoikhoi tribes.

As Europeans introduced Western technology and subsequent prosperity the region was overwhelmed by Bantu tribes including Shaka and his Zulu nation.

Currently the white population of South Africa consists of about 4 million and the black population stands at about 40 million.

There are several scenarios that could remedy the problem of economic disparity between black and white citizens.

First, the Bantu descendants would simply leave the region en masse and reclaim areas north of South Africa.

Second, the white population could form their own nation in the Cape region.

Third, the white population could relocate to Detroit and revitalize that city, taking their technology and aptitude for innovation with them.

None of those solutions is likely to occur. In reality the black populations of South Africa are dependent on the white citizens without whom they could not maintain their current level of prosperity.

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