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October 3, 2015 -- When president Lyndon Johnson signed the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, he was flying in formation with governments in Australia and Europe to remove the ethnic guidelines for future immigrants.

The signing was a death warrant, of sorts, that introduced cultural genocide throughout the Eurosphere. Those who notice are condemned as racists or xenophobes.

Johnson signed the legislation 50 years ago today.

The intent was to redistribute wealth by redistributing the gene pool.

Whites and East Asians tend to be financially wealthier than most other people groups, a phenomenon that is anathema to Marxism. The objective is to flood Western nations with Third-world populations, removing the wealth disparity.

In the ensuing years our minds have been awash with such false concepts as white privilege and the absurd notion that race is merely a social construct. Meanwhile, settled science that affirms the average intelligence disparity between racial groups is dismissed.

It is innate intelligence disparities that account for wealth disparities. When natural phenomenon contradicts Marxism, it is simply dismissed, then ignored. In reality no natural phenomenon has been so extensively researched than human intelligence.

The disparity between people groups is empirically affirmed. Marxism, however, contends there remains a controversy. It's akin to pretending there is ongoing debate between a round a flat earth; a conflict among scientists between a heliocentric solar system and geocentrism or the Tychonic system.

It has been estimated that by the year 2040 the United States will no longer be a white majority nation. Europe -- which a generation ago was almost exclusively white -- is being displaced by hordes from Africa.

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  1. I always wondered when America's decline began and this was it. The beginning of the end for the United States. Since then we've become wonderfully diversified and turned into some polyglot tower of babel. LBJ's "Great Society" turned into a Great Screwing for this once great nation. Thank you LBJ, Ted Kennedy, Emanuel Hart, Philip Celler, Jacob Javits et al. Your great work will be remembered by us all and HELL can't be hot enough for any of you. Is this too harsh? Well, look what it has done to this nation and you tell me.