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October 1, 2015 -- Flaunting a grotesque photo of Donald Trump that appears to be a cross between Herman Munster and Linda Blair's character in The Exorcist, The New York Times is ruing a poll that unveiled -- gasp! -- "Anti-Muslim Sentiment Frighteningly High" among Republicans.

When asked, "Do you think the religion of Islam should be legal or illegal in the United States,?" 40 percent of Republicans said they agreed that Islam should be outlawed. Another 20 percent weren't certain.

The poll was taken in North Carolina by a company friendly to the Democratic Party.

The Times lamented,

Do these people know what it means to outlaw Muslim worship? Do they teach history in the North Carolina schools? Do they know what would happen if we closed mosques, arrested worshipers and prayer leaders, imposed religious tests for public office? Are these overwrought questions, or do the ugly answers in this poll portend something seriously wrong: an outbreak of a deadly fever this country has seen many times before?

Apparently The Times is unaware that Islam is the world's oldest and deadliest hate group. On it's best day Islam creates more devastation than the Klan in its entire history. We wonder when The Times will worry over anti-Klan sentiment.

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  1. Okay to 'ban Christianity or Judaism, but NOT Islam.......sickophants

  2. All countries should ban Islam because it has enslaved and killed more people the world over than most of the wars fought in the last hundred years. This is WHY SPAIN kicked all of the Muslims out of their country several hundred years ago. They move in and count on the population not being aware of what is happening until they start making demands on the government and the towns where they settle.
    This is what has happened in Europe the past 25 years they are in the government they scream if you say one word against them no matter what they do but they think nothing of killing anyone of a different religion than Islam. Europe is gone except for the few countries that have stood up for their people and refused to go along with the Islam. The information about this religion is all over the internet.

  3. In the USA they can ban the communist party. so why not ban Islam as well.

  4. In the USA they can ban the communist party. so why not ban Islam as well.