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October 15, 2015 -- Residents of Langenlohnsheim are about to be swarmed with 4,000 unwelcomed Islamic insurgents, compliments of the nation's genocide immigration policy.

Germany's refugee coordinator said he wasn't concerned about German-insurgent ratios.

Local German residents are being held responsible for welcoming the unwelcomed invaders.

The mayor said government officials didn't consult him regarding the intrusion; they were unconcerned with Langenlohnsheim's logistics.

Citizens spontaneously took to the streets to protest but were, of course, ignored.

Even those who support Germany's open-border policy expressed disapproval of such a large contingency.

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  1. These native Germans will be minorities in their own home village, especially when this first wave sends for their relatives back home and the baby making starts.
    Give it ten years and the native Germans will be 10-20% of this villages population.
    Being 'racist' really is the White races only hope.

  2. Unbelievable! After this incident, residents of Langenlohnsheim are probably wishing for a return of theThird Reich.

  3. Those Germans just lost their houses: in the next weeks there will be a white flight and those "refugees" will get their houses for free. That was all the plan, they did it in the 60s in England in the workers neighborhoods, triggering Mr. Enoch Powell's prophetic speech "Rivers of blood"

  4. This will go on until nothing is left of the German people. It will only stop if the Germans explain things to the government in a language they understand--- a mass citizen civil disobedience that shuts down everything in the country. What do they have to loose at this point?