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October 18, 2015 -- What an ass.

German politician Gregor Gysi refers to his patriotic countrymen as "Nazis".

See video below.

"Every year more native Germans die than are born. That is fortunate," he says, "Nazis are not very good at having offspring."*

That depletion of native Germans makes them dependent on immigrants, he concludes.

Gysi effectively explains that the displacement of "native" Germans is mandated by the nation's abuse of non-Germans in the 1930s and 1940s.

Gysi made the comments in a video promoting a demonstration called, "Live better without Nazis - Diversity is our future."

Diversity is a globalist code word for 'white genocide'. Those who notice are stigmatized with pejoratives "racist" and "xenophobe". They are falsely stereotyped as Nazis.

The demonstration was scheduled for June.

• Gysi is an authoritarian who is prominent in the The Left (Die Linke) political party that is rooted in the former communist East Germany's Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED).

He is reputed to have been an operative with East Germany's Stasi (secret police). His father was a high-ranking official in East Germany's communist government.

• Karl Marx notoriously advised his followers to, "Accuse others of what you do."

Gysi accuses patriots of doing what he is doing. He associates patriotic Germans as haters when, in reality, the predatory left is determined to displace "native" Germans and other ethnic Europeans in a genocidal holocaust that will not only destroy the white race, but will deprive billions of non-whites of life-enhancing Western innovation.

Authoritarians believe that economic equality is the ultimate form of morality, even at the expense of universal prosperity. By destroying Western culture the predatory left is introducing a new dark ages from which we will never recover.

• In 2014 the level of abject poverty dropped below ten percent for the first time in human history. This dramatic drop defies predictions made by the authoritarian left the population explosion would lead to famine.

Gysi and other authoritarians like him want to deny humanity access to life-enhancing innovations of Western culture.

*(Actually, the negative birthrate among "native" Western peoples is due largely to the neo-feminists agenda that demonizes the "1950s housewife" with misogynous rages; convincing women that child-bearing and child-rearing are forms of oppression. The neo-feminist mantra -- "barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen" -- has been repeated so frequently that it has been embedded in our minds as an absolute. It's nothing less that genocide via eugenics.)

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Video: The Deception Perception (1 of 4)
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  1. " What an ass."

    Your first line says it all. This is nothing more than the insanity of the left on display. Gysi is a traitor and a fool. If diversity is the future, then Germany (and the West) is doomed.

  2. Great analysis Mr. Kenn, I will spread this as much as I can.
    The first sentence is just to catch readers and make them read the rest of your writing, personally I see your greatness in the rest :)
    Thank you for your site and all your hard work.