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October 11, 2015 -- When women go to work, homes fall apart. Let them fall.

That was the message of a commercial intended to promote a French TV station. The station boasted that most of its program hosts were women and, to make the point, produced a clever TV ad depicting a home in ruins.

Neo-feminists, however, objected.

They claim the commercial -- though well intended -- presumed house-cleaning was a woman's role and that, of course, is anathema.

Ostensibly, neo-feminists don't like gender roles because they lead to the oppression of women, In reality neo-feminists hate gender roles because their reinforce traditional families; an essential foundation of Western culture.

Neo-feminism pretends to advocate for women, but remains silent as Islam abuses, dehumanizes, rapes, and murders women around the world. The predatory left support the misogynist agenda of Islam because it, like neo-feminism, is destroying Western  culture.

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  1. when they got the vote in 1898 that was the end of the world.