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October 13, 2015 -- Britain needs to do more to ease the burgeoning Syrian refugee crisis.

That's the perspective of a group of retired judges who told the nation's Prime Minister David Cameron to open the country's borders to more Syrians.

The dozen or so judges are part of an elitist group  that includes more than 300 lawyers and academics.

The judges seem unaware that the crisis is causes -- not by war and poverty in Syria -- but by genocidal maniacs who have opened their borders and taxpayers' purses to waves of Islamic insurgents posing as refugees.

Ignorance, of course, is unlikely. Academics who subscribe to Marxist ideology welcome the displacement of Western culture. In their demented minds the influx from Third-world nations is a remedy for the economic disparity that exist between the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

The economic disparity is the product of an intelligence disparity, with average IQs in most Islamic nations ranging in the mid-to-lower 80s. That dearth of intellectual capital translates into a dearth of economic capital. To redistribute wealth, Marxists hope to redistribute the world's gene pool, a move that will imminently result in the genocidal displacement of white people.

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