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October 4, 2015 -- A real estate agent in Germany was turned away by Syrian refugees.

The reason?

She is a woman.

When Aline Kern received a call in broken German requesting her services in locating a home for refugees, she promptly arranged for the family to view an apartment.

Upon meeting Kern outside the apartment, the family declined to tour the home, objecting to the agent's female gender and blond hair.

After the 33-year-old blue-eyed, blond haired agent posted her experience on Facebook, she reported receiving two death threats from Germans who called her a "Nazi bitch."

Kern wonders how Muslim immigrants plan to assimilate in Germany where gender equality clashes with Islamic law that forbids men from even shaking hands and speaking with women. How, for example, can Muslim fathers communicate with female school teachers?

The episode occurred in Bad Kreuznach.

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  1. why help your enemy duh, try helping you're own race. she should of said we need real nazis.

  2. It's a crime to be WHITE in this day and age. What gets me the most is that she has a legitimate complaint, but is then called a 'nazi bitch" by other White Germans. Self loathing. brain washed, liberal Whites may indeed be the REAL enemy.

  3. "she has a legitimate complaint, but is then called a 'nazi bitch" by other White Germans"

    This day and age? My, you've found a way to sum up the last 40 years. Don't expect anyone to even Notice your complaint, though, no matter what is is. The more reason you have to complain, the more the powers-that-be seem interested in wanting to talk about the opposite contingency.

  4. Leftists calling other white people Nazis, reeks of "doth protest too much methinks".
    Ironically though, they're turning us into Nazi's, because after you get called racist enough times and seeing there's no way a white person can't be racist, why not just give up and dive into the deep end of the racist pool?
    Beautiful woman, I hope her kind of diversity endures/ survives.

  5. It is wrong to go to a country where you cannot assimilate into the culture at all. Migrants need to learn to respect gender equality laws, or get out of Germany. Most of them are just there for the free benefits, anyway. Their ancestry isn't German, their culture isn't German, and they don't even speak German. The migrants are the ones who are intolerant bigots.