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October 3, 2015 -- The media have finally released images of the nine victims of last week's shooting spree.

All nine are white.

The media, however, made no mention of race.

The correlation, of course, is to that of the massacre of nine black churchgoers in Charleston, SC in June. The media endlessly portrayed that mass killing as evidence of white racism.

The August murder of two white news reporters in Virginia by a black gunman was also portrayed sans mention of the obvious: race.

Chris Harper Mercer was a gun enthusiast, the media explain. No mention of the killer's race is mention, even though he is as black as Barack Obama. And Obama failed to mention that Mercer looked like he could be his son.

Mercer was a quirky nerd, the media explain; a loner driven by a domineering mother. No mention was made of race.

The killer seemed to have a problem with organized religion, the media say, allowing them to sidestep the fact that Mercer was specifically anti-Christian. His murder spree may have been an outlet of anti-Christian hate fostered by the media's love affair with the militant gay hate movement. No mention of race is uttered.

In reality the killer may have singled out white Christians.

The killer's father was British, we are told; an emphasis on his white side. It's the adverse spin the media place on Obama whose father was black.

We're still awaiting the media to propagate images of Mercer's mother.

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  1. biggest elephant in the room black crime, why isn't it discussed more! i know why do you?

  2. the media was playing rachal dolezal lol after all white people are evil! i don't think so, anybody believes cnn is a loon.

  3. Take a look at what CNN did to this mulatto's photo - they whitened it right up. Even in almost all-white BFE Oregon, negroes cause massive amounts of trouble and violence - I bet this was five years' worth of murders there.