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October 30, 2015 -- The black-dominated New Orleans police department is under fire for ignoring a black-on-white attack.

A 64-year-old man was left paralyzed after being beaten Oct. 15.

Authorities believe Christopher S. Smith, 30, assaulted Doug David in New Orleans, La.

Reports say Smith nearly ran down David as he walked across a street late at night. Smith then exited his vehicle and attacked David. The victim remains in critical care, unable to feel his arms and legs.

New Orleans police responded to the attack 40 minutes after it was reported, then dismissed it as "unfounded."

Another ten days passed before police investigated, even though a witnessed supplied authorities with the alleged attacker's license plate number.

Friends of the victim claim that local media attention to the crime forced police to investigate.

• The presumption is that the black-dominated police department in New Orleans had little interest in investigating a black-on-white crime.

White people should avoid urban areas dominated by black violence and black "law enforcement."

• Cultural Marxists often complain that white people are driven by innate racism to avoid black people. In reality whites avoid blacks for safety concerns. Whites who are duped by cultural Marxism risk being paralyzed or killed.

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New Orleans police said Tuesday they were looking for a man accused of attacking a California retiree this month in a road-rage incident in the Marigny neighborhood. The Oct. 15 attack left the 64-year-old victim paralyzed.

The suspect, Christopher S. Smith, 30, was being sought on one count of second-degree battery.

According to police, Smith assaulted the victim, Doug David, at Frenchmen and Decatur streets.

David, a jazz enthusiast who lives in the San Diego area, told investigators he was crossing the street about 11 p.m. when Smith ran a stop sign in a small black car and nearly struck him. David cursed at the driver and threw a can at the vehicle, prompting the driver to get out and attack David.

David said he was unable to feel his arms and legs after regaining consciousness. He remained in the intensive care unit at University Medical Center for several days after the attack.

New Orleans police took 40 minutes to respond to the assault and initially classified it as “unfounded” after an officer arrived at the scene and found neither witnesses nor the victim. Investigators followed up on the case 10 days later, using the license plate number of the assailant’s vehicle provided by a witness.

Stephen Simpson, a friend of David’s since high school, said that when he heard his friend was lying paralyzed in a New Orleans hospital, he joined a chorus of family and friends in San Diego trying to bring attention to the crime. He arrived in New Orleans on Tuesday afternoon to be at his friend’s side.

“He’s my good friend from a long time. And he’s hurt. And he’s alone,” Simpson said. “And if I could have come sooner, I would.”

Like others, Simpson said he was frustrated when more than a week passed after the attack and nobody could get the NOPD to respond.

“It’s outrageous. I don’t know that anybody purposely avoided it, but it shouldn’t happen,” Simpson said. “We got on the phone and email and texting. But other people (in the media) jumped on it and were really ready to go. And, fortunately, they lit a fire under police as well.”

It took New Orleans police 10 days to visit David and generate a police report, a persistent problem with response times as a result of a 40-year low in police manpower.

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