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October 6, 2015 -- Not much has changed in 125 years.

In 1891 five sailors were captured by Zulus off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.

Two Americans, Jeff Allen and W.A. Kennan, managed to survive a shipwreck in which only five of 58 crewman survived.

Having buried their fellow crewmen, the survivors began the long 170-mile trek to Natal.

Along the way they were captured by Zulu tribesmen who stripped the men of their clothes, tyied them to trees, and beat them shambocks (whips).

Boer hunters were passing nearby and managed to put the savage Zulus to flight. Unfortunately, three of the crewmen were dead by the time the white men arrived. The deceased had been butchered with spears called assegais.

W.A. Kennan, one of the two survivors, was rendered insane as the result of the experience. His friend, Jeff Allen, perished in the attack. The other survivor was an Englishman known only as Adams.

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The media would have us believe that white savages stole South Africa from gentle negroes. In reality, the Zulu nation invaded the region after whites first established a staging post in 1652.

The only natives in the Cape Town region at the time of the European arrival were the Khoikhoi, who are distinctly different from the Bantu, or sub-Saharan natives including the Zulu.

• From the cultural Marxism perspective, the white Boer hunters who rescued two of the five sailors would be characterized as neo-Nazis who massacred Africans and stole their land.

In reality the white settlers brought innovative technology, healthcare, and education to the aboriginal people who lived in Africa. White farmers continue to fatten black communists who control South Africa through the African National Congress that dominates the government.

Few blacks in South Africa are willing to express their gratitude to Europeans for enhancing their lives.

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Kenn interviews South Africa's Henri le Riche
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