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October 3, 2015 -- A 79-year-old man was thrown form his wheel chair in Virginia last week. reports James Costello was attacked in his Henrico County home.

The suspects made off with the victim's $700 rent money.

Also attacked in the home was 70-year-old Sharon Fusco who is bedridden.

32-year-old Howard Curtis Willis is one of two suspects identified by police.

• The attack was not reported by the national media because if fails to fit the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are perennial victims of white oppression and privilege.

Rather, the media spin tales of such attacks in the foggy past of American history, convincing us that blacks were routinely victimized by whites. If readers are aware of an occasion in which two middle-aged white males invaded the home of a 79-year-old black man, threw him from his wheel chair, then beat him without mercy, please post a corresponding link in the comment section below.

We are careful to be fair and balanced in our reporting.

• Meanwhile, we remind our readers of the infamous advice of Karl Marx: "Accuse others of what you do."

Marxism encourages black-on-white racism while accusing us of white-on-black racism.

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"He threw me out of my wheelchair onto the floor and beat the hell out of me,” said Costello. “Then he pulled my shirt and ripped it and took and took the money out of my pocket."

Police identified 32-year-old Howard Curtis Willis as one of the suspects.  He and a second man are still at large.

"Make sure you keep your doors locked because in this case the door was unlocked," said Henrico Police spokesman Lt. Chris Eley.

Police said Willis frequents the Gilpin Court housing projects, but so far officers haven't been able to track him down.

Costello and Fusco said they're able to keep "in the know" about their case because Willis is related to someone who provides in-home care to Fusco.

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