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October 21, 2015 -- Avoiding the term "racist hate group," the media identified five killers as "gang members."

See below.

The five pleaded guilty of murdering a North Carolina couple in 2014.

The unarmed Doug and Debbie London were ostensibly gunned down in their home to prevent them from testifying against members of the United Blood Nation "gang."

The guilty pleas were reported Oct. 20, 2015.

• United Blood Nation is a black gang formed in 1993 to fight the Hispanic Ă‘etas and Latin Kings gangs.

• Cultural Marxism pretends humanity is divided between two groups: White (bourgeois) and people of color (proletariat).  The fact that people of color form exclusive crime tribes -- black vs Hispanic -- proves the Marxist myth is absurd.

Such people-of-color affinity groups are much larger and infinitely more violent than any known white affinity group. Nonetheless, the media continues to alert us of the ongoing danger of racist white affinity groups which globalist stigmatize as "white supremacist."

• If members of the Ku Klux Klan, for example, had murdered a black couple, the saga would be embedded in American history as a perennial reminder of white racism. The victims would be canonized as heroes of civil rights. Because the crime was black-on-white it has been ignored by the national mainstream Marxist media while the racial aspect is obscured by the local press.

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Five reputed gang members pleaded guilty Tuesday for their role in a racketeering and conspiracy case involving the 2014 shooting deaths of Doug and Debbie London.

Prosecutors say the Londons were gunned down in their home to keep them from testifying against three United Blood Nation members in an earlier robbery case.

Guilty pleas were entered in U.S. District Court in Charlotte on Tuesday for the following defendants:

• David “Flames” Fudge of Pineville. He drove the get-away car after a failed robbery of the Londons’ mattress store and took an active role planning the London killings, prosecutors say.

• Rahkeem “Hitman” McDonald of Charlotte. He buried the murder weapon and destroyed other evidence, prosecutors say.
•  Ibn “IB” Kornegay of Greenville, N.C. He is a top UBN leader from eastern North Carolina, prosecutors say.
• Centrilia “CeCe” Leach of Charlotte. She photographed Debbie London at a court hearing as part of the gang’s plan, prosecutors say.
• Daquan “Day Day” Everett of Charlotte. He hosted a celebration of the Londons’ killings at his home, prosecutors say.
None of the five were at the Londons’ home when the couple was killed, but they played roles before or afterward, prosecutors have said. Their pleas are the most significant development in the case in months, raising the possibility that other plea agreements could be announced soon for some of the remaining defendants.

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  1. SO WAS IT A LOVE CRIME ? No the savages singled them out to rob them first because they were White assuming they were easy targets and failed then came back to murder them ! these people should all get the death penalty !!! concealed carry people it will save your life.

  2. the no 1 problem is negro crime! nobody has the balls to mention it but this site and a very few others. have a candidate say that! that would really nail it down.