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October 5, 2015 -- 188 insurgents from Africa were rescued off the coast of Spain late last week.

The insurgents were found adrift in rubber dinghies crammed with sub-Saharan Africans off the coast of Granada, south-east Spain.

• The open-border policies of genocidal maniacs who govern much of Western Europe are responsible for the massive influx of African migrants. German laws require the government to assure all persons in the nation have "access" to a high living standard.

The European mainstream Marxist media has convinced gullible Europeans that the insurgents are needed to fill a dearth of skilled workers. The overwhelming majority of insurgents have little or no skills and spend their lives sapping resources from productive citizens whose earnings are confiscated by authoritarian governments through punitive taxation.

• In reality the invasion is intended to displace the white majority in Western Europe.

Kim Jong-un,
N Korea's only fat man
Marxism mandates the illusion of global economic equality. To remove the economic disparity between the innovative European nations and Third-world nations, Marxism seeks to redistribute wealth by redistributing the gene pool.

As Western culture is displaced with Third-world insurgents, it's finances will necessarily be redistributed to those lacking the aptitude, innovation, and intelligence to support themselves on a parity with more capable individuals. Those finances will, in turn, be transferred to relatives remaining in their countries of origin.

The flaw of Marxism -- as seen in North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba -- is that the egalitarian elite prosper at the expense of the masses. That is why Kim Jong-un is the only fat man in North Korea.

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At least 188 African migrants, including two pregnant women and a baby, have been rescued from flimsy smugglers boats off the coast of Granada, south-east Spain.

A Spanish rescue boat found 103 migrants from Morocco and another 84 from the sub-Saharan region floating in the Alboran Sea.

They were taken to a port in Almeria, where they were wrapped in blankets and cared for by Red Cross workers.

As they were being saved, another procession of rubber dinghies crammed with migrants, including an elderly woman in a wheelchair, landed on the Greek island of Lesbos.

More than 500,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe this year - double the number who crossed in the whole of 2014 - and 100,000 landed in Greece in August alone.

Around 1,500 landed in the country on Thursday, which is down from 5,000-a-day in recent weeks, the United Nations Refugee Agency claimed.

It has reported a 'noticeable drop' in migrants entering Greece by sea - as conditions become even more dangerous around winter - but acknowledged that any improvement in the weather will bring 'another surge in arrivals'.

Most of the migrants who make this journey spent time in refugee camps in Middle Eastern countries, having having fled war and persecution in Syria, Iraq and Libya, as well as African nations such as Somalia, Eritrea and Sudan.

They claim they cannot start a new life in these settlements because they are not allowed to work. Recent cuts to the aid the World Food Programme delivers to Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt has also accelerate the exodus from these settlements.

Experts believe this, couple with the fact that the World Food Program cut food aid to the millions of refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt, means even those who had not planned to go to Europe are now considering it.

Baloch, a Syrian refugee, said: 'There's no hope at all, so moving on seems the only option... It could be an exodus in the making.'

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