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October 14, 2015 -- About one third of Germans polled want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign due to her failed immigration policy.

The poll was conducted for the online German news site,

• The implications point to efforts by the mainstream Marxist media to convince Germans they are racist xenophobes if they object to the displacement of their culture by Islamic insurgents. Given the country's heightened sensitivity to anything that smacks of fascism, the pole suggests the media has failed to sway the minds of Germans.

It also implies that Germans may have outlived their Nazi-era guilt imposed on them by the media.

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  1. Merkel is a traitor to her own people. There can be no doubt that cultural Marxism is a suicidal mental dysfunction. If anybody reading this has family or friends in Europe, especially Germany please contact them and tell them the Muslim invasion is facilitated by their own governments. That as sick as it may seem White Europeans in control of the governments are intentionally implementing genocidal policies to destroy the European people and its culture.

  2. Politicians are forcing these stupid immigration and refugee policies on their nations. The policies don't make sense and the people don't want them. The result is the destruction of entire nations. Do you think these politicians would realize this and stop what they're doing --OF COURSE NOT! It's enough to make me think that it's all being done by plan.

    1. That's bc it is a coordinated plan by the elites and being enforced by the terminally libtarded.