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September 20, 2015 -- When is your mind the most vulnerable to attack?

Before you answer, consider this: One Christmas night, Dec. 25, 1776, Gen. George Washington launched an early morning attack on British troops in Trenton, New Jersey. Washington's attack of the well-trained British troops was successful because their guard was down.

When is your guard down? That's when the enemy attacks your mind.

When you attend the cinema, your mind is open to attack. Your guard is down. You are there to be entertained and your focus in on the images and sounds emanating from the motion picture. The theater of the battle is literally a theater.

Your guard is also down when you expose your mind to television.

How often do you watch television with the express purpose of fending off attacks by the enemy against your mind? When was the last time you watched a Hollywood-produced television program with the intention of seeking and identifying globalist affronts to your thought processes?

While we would never sit through a lecture by California-based left wingers on the values of multiculturalism and globalism, we will expose our minds to programs written by those same leftist screenwriters whose intention is to infect our minds with cultural Marxism while our minds are open to attack.

Like the British soldiers sleeping soundly in their Trenton barracks, our minds slumber as we drone in front of screens propagating cultural Marxism.

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