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September 14, 2015 -- About one-thousand years ago the ancestors of Gypsies began their migration from the north region of India.

In spite of living within the cultural and geographical bounds of Europe, this people group never fully assimilated. To this day they remain a distinct people group with a common family of languages and traditions.

While migrant groups with similar cultures merge with their host culture, many ethnic groups are simply too distinct to fully assimilate.

Imagine, for example, if Europeans assimilated with the natives of the Americas. Today we would be living in teepees.

The hordes of Islamic insurgents invading Europe this month is creating more than an immediate crisis. They are forming a dilemma that will last for generations; perhaps thousands of years.

Never in history have two or more distinct cultures peacefully coexisted in the same geographic area.

The folly of forming Iraq, for example, was that competing people groups -- though similar -- where forced to occupy the same space under the same government. The consequence was a continual struggle for supremacy and the groups competed between themselves.

Even the Indian groups, similar as they were, engaged in perennial intra-tribal warfare.

The Gypsy population in Europe was never large enough to effectively compete with ethnic Europeans. Nonetheless, the co-existence was not without conflict.

The Muslim population will be different. It will not be a small minority. Already we have seen the devastating effects of their presence through crime, rioting, terrorism, unemployment, disparate intelligence, raping thousands of young British girls, etc.

As the Muslim population explodes across Western Europe, the tensions will intensify.

Those who advocate open borders in Europe and in the USA and Canada are either blindly stupid or intentionally attempting to destroy Western civilization.

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  1. A new asylum center in a Finnish town has produced two rape attempts on local women in its first week of operation.

  2. Muslims don't assimilate with you. You assimilate with them. That's the whole point of Islam, according to their own Koran.