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September 12, 2015 -- Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders concluded that the current "refugee crisis" is nothing more than an Islamic invasion.

To our knowledge no major presidential contender in the United States has had the courage to publicly draw the same conclusion.

Wilders is the founder and leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands. He made his observation to the Dutch Parliament.

The Party for Freedom is considered the most popular party in his nation and that, in part, explains why Europe's far-left has opened Europe's borders to unprecedented levels of undocumented insurgents: To counter the rising popularity of nationalist political parties.

As the displacement of Europe becomes more obvious, ethnic Europeans are increasingly finding their senses and supporting political parties that oppose globalism. That move to the right could help elect rational officials, such as Marine LePen in France.

The excuse that Muslim insurgents are "refugees" fleeing war and poverty is insane. The Middle East has been in an effect state of war and poverty for 1,400 -- since the origins of Islam.

Why now?

The massive move to Europe should be interpreted as the globalists efforts to securely nail the coffin of Europe's death, making any move towards nationalism futile.

Once Muslim insurgents occupy Europe, they will neither leave nor assimilate. That fact is observed in Europe's Gypsy population. The Gypsy ethnic group is traced by linguistics and DNA to northwest India from which their ancestors migrated nearly 1,000 years ago. In spite of being in Western Europe for centuries, Gypsy communities have retained their ethnic identity and customs. They have not assimilated.

1,000 year from now -- in the year 3015 -- Islamic communities in Europe will not have assimilated.

What we are witnessing this month in Europe is the single most significant anthropological event in human history: We are witnessing the fall of the ancient European civilization in our generation.

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