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September 2, 2015 -- Black Americans are taught by the predatory left to be victims.

We tend to find what we're looking for (see Kenn's Law #8) and what blacks are taught to seek is victimhood through racial profiling. It's everywhere; if that's what one wants to see.

Oddly, the same black Americans who complain about racial profiling name their children unorthodox names; many that defy pronunciation.

For the record I support the rights of parents to name their children whatever they wish -- Elvis, Ebola, or Eloy'kashika are fine with me, providing parents are sober and in their right mind at the moment the birth certificate is signed.

Still, I question the wisdom of naming a child a name that screeches ethnic identity, then complain about racial profiling.

That's just the first of five final questions white people have for black people.

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  1. My favorite has always been Latrina.
    Of course, on our side of the Atlantic there was always the German Thrusnelda.
    In England, Muhammad is going up the charts PDQ.

  2. This helps the public, leasing and HR managers tremendously when we don't otherwise know the race of those we only can see on paper.