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September 10, 2015 -- Hordes of black teens terrorized shoppers in Atlanta's downtown shopping district Monday.

Watch video below.

News reports say the youths blocked the city's MARTA mass transit system.

Unruly teens were seen handcuffed and hauled off by police.

One bystanders witnessed seeing victims taken in an ammulance.

Government schools were closed Monday allowing the teens to celebrate Labor Day by fighting throughout the downtown area. MARTA provided free rides for the day.

Much of the "disturbance" was in the Underground Atlanta shopping center.

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 Labor Day brought out hundreds of teenagers to Underground Atlanta and surrounding areas, but it also led to fight after fight in the area – which in turn, brought police cars and sirens throughout the evening hours.

“It’s been going on all day – it’s just been non-stop,” said one bystander. “It’s just fighting.”

On a day off from school, and on a day when MARTA offered free rides, crowds of teens catalyzed a night a chaos.

“I was walking by earlier, and I just saw a dude sucker-punch somebody, and next thing you know, a Grady ambulance came,” the bystander said.

Atlanta Police spokesperson Ralph Woolfolk said that a large group of teens were reported to be “acting disorderly.” By 9:30, according to Woolfolk, the group had dispersed.

He said that a 15-year-old girl had received a laceration to the head, but was going to be okay. MARTA Police said that two people had been arrested for fighting at the MARTA Five Points Station, and that the disturbances did not impact rail service. No other injuries were reported.

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  1. Atlanta? I thought I was looking at Lagos Nigeria! LOL! Africa in the USA! This is the third world and this is our future.

  2. Wherever there are Africans, there is Africa, in all its primitive savagery.

  3. yuh know youngsters, yuh know what i mean, like come on down. typical stupid negro, the news cast with a mixed panel as usual, interviewing the problem.

  4. Once upon a time undergound ATL was actually a cool place that got turned into someplace you really don't want to go. I haven't been in years. Whenever tourists ask about it I say - don't go near it and only go to World of Coke or anything downtown during the day, get out before dusk.

    1. It's my understanding that downtown Atlanta was once a cool place to go, and then blacks drove out the tourists and the businesses and ruined it, so they completely rebuilt it and put in new stuff and it was nice for a little while, and now blacks have driven out the tourists and businesses and ruined it again. Rinse and repeat.

  5. Try as I may, I can't think of any other group that routinely celebrates holidays and festive occasions by rioting in public spaces. Latinos can get a little rowdy after too many cervezas at the State Fair, but they rarely run through the streets in large groups destroying things and beating strangers into comas for no apparent reason. Jews, Japanese-Americans, Vietnamese immigrants and most other ethnicities don't seem to be a problem either.