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September 1, 2015 -- Presidential contender Donald Trump says Mt. McKinley will be renamed Mt. McKinley.

The campaign promise comes on the heels of American dictator Barrack Obama's dictate to rename the mountain, Denali.

Denali is the traditional Indian denotation for the nation's tallest peak and has been for thousands of years, the media say, in spite of the fact that the Indians had no written records that can document the claim. They may have called it Bob for all we know.

Obama's dictate is another move to displace Western culture by changing traditional names and removing cultural icons. The federal government currently has plans to depose the images of white men on the nation's currency.

Google maps promptly displaced the name Mt. McKinley in deference to the Obama dictate.

Google maps has already changed to the name to Denali. 

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Donald Trump promised Monday that he would return the name of North America’s largest mountain to Mount McKinley, undoing President Obama’s decision to call it Denali.

Trump, who is running for president, tweeted late Monday that Obama’s act was a “great insult to Ohio."

The White House announced the Denali moniker Sunday, restoring the name that Alaska Natives had called it for thousands of years before a gold prospector named it after McKinley in the late 19th century, when he was a presidential candidate.
The mountain’s new name, which Obama announced in advance of a three-day Alaska visit that includes meetings with Alaska Native leaders, aligns with what the state has been calling it for decades.

Trump was not the first 2016 contender to come out against Obama’s action.

On a campaign stop in Columbus Monday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) said there was no reason to remove McKinley’s name.

“You just don’t go and do something like that,” Kasich said, according to The Associated Press. “In Ohio, we felt it was appropriate. A guy saw that mountain when he was one of the first up there ... named it after the president. No reason to change it.”

The mountain, in fact, got McKinley’s name before he was elected, and he never set foot inside Alaska.

Kasich had tweeted his opposition earlier in the day, saying Obama had overstepped the limits of his authority.

In opposing the move, Kasich joined many Ohio leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner (R), Sen. Rob Portman (R) and Rep. Bob Gibbs (R).

But while many Ohioans pledged to fight the name change, they likely have few tools with which to do so.

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  1. Excellent. Let the whites call it McKinley in the white man's world, and the Indians can call it Denali in their world. We are no more obligated to use their name than they are to do white people stuff like attending cosplay conventions or riding four thousand-dollar bicycles while dressed like the Tour de France for that rugged expedition to the Whole Foods store.