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September 29, 2015 -- I said from the beginning that Donald Trump was not running a presidential campaign; he is running a public relationship campaign to build the Trump brand.

My predication has been from day one that Trump will drop out of the Republican presidential primary. He has no intention or desire to become president of the United States.

Am I wrong? Only time will tell.

Trump lent credibility to my theory on NBC's Today Show.

Specifically, he said, “I’m a practical person, If I see things aren’t going well, like for instance there are people right now in the Republican party who are not doing well I don’t think it’s going to change for many of them, at some point you have to get out."

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  1. I just want someone to acknowledge that curbing immigration, especially illegal immigration, should be our #1 priority, since failing to do so also makes us less safe and damages our economy, our incomes, infrastructure and educational systems, as well as the environment.

  2. I think you're wrong about Trump dropping out. I think Trump is NOT going to be another H. Ross Perot. The difference is ego. Trump's ego is enormous (in a good way) and he loves to be in the limelight. What better way to do that than to be POTUS for four or eight years? Perot started to have second thoughts as soon as it looked like he might have a whisker's chance of winning. Trump has been doing quite well in the polls for some time now and has remained in the race. Judging by the fact that Trump seems to be aware of the enormous damage of immigration and the fact that he's one of the few with the courage to talk about it, I think Trump probably has the convictions to back him up. At least, let's pray he does.

  3. Viewed in the context of talking about how others in the race are not doing well, his comment on dropping out seems to be a suggestion to other candidates. I think he's softening the blow against the failing candidates by saying that if he were in their position, he'd get out. Plus, showing his reasoning process prevents critics from being able to claim that his comments are "baseless insults" or even attempts to demoralize opponents, as if he were worried about them.

    This is bolstered by the fact that he obviously is continuing to do very well in the polls.