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September 24, 2015 -- Donald Trump isn't running a presidential campaign, he's running a public relations campaign.

The objective? To elevate the Trump brand.

Trump uses insults to make media waves. Each time his name is mentioned in the media, the Trump brand is seared a bit deeper in our minds.

It works two ways.

This week Trump called on the FCC to fine Fox News contributor Rich Lowry for using street language in the talkster's description of Carly Fiorina's verbal counter attack against the billionaire.

It all makes great theater and adds color to the campaign.

While the pundits and politicians are exchanging barbs the barbarians are at the gate and flooding our nation with millions who dream of becoming Democrats.

So what was said that so outraged Trump? Read on ...

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gave a glimpse into how a Trump presidency would handle political opposition on Wednesday night, revealing that he may be even more anti-freedom of the press than our current tyrannical president, Marxist Barack Obama.

After the National Review editor and FOX News contributor Rich Lowry delivered comments highly critical of Trump on The Kelly File on Wednesday evening, Trump revealed his inner tyrant — a reaction that is more than disturbing — it’s chilling.

After showing a series of attacks by Donald Trump against the surging Carly Fiorina, Lowry said that the reason Trump is upset with her is because she “cut his balls off” during the last debate.

“Look, Trump obviously attacks everyone,” Lowry began in response to the Trump attacks against Fiorina. “But she’s become a much bigger target, and I think part of what’s going on here is that last debate. Let’s be honest, Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon, and he knows it,” Lowry stated to shock and awe from Megyn Kelly and the other guest, The Blaze Radio’s Chris Salcedo.

Lowry went on to say that people are beginning to wake up to the fact that Trump’s attacks, which formerly were perceived as tough, are now starting to sound “thin-skinned.”

The provocative comment, if it was intended to send Trump over the deep end, certainly accomplished its mission. Not only did Lowry’s using the word “balls” cause raised eyebrows among the FOX panel, it also lit a fire under the seat of “The Donald,” causing Trump to go on a Twitter rant in which he called for the Obama FCC to run to his rescue, using the power of big government to limit Lowry’s free speech. This despite the fact that the word “balls” is not considered one of the seven dirty words by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

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  1. kenn you're of the two most honest sites on the internet! trump controlled opposition or not is better than the other controlled ones by far.

  2. Isn't this just Trump using the machine against itself and holding it to its own standards?
    The media bias against him is unrelenting.