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September 22, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- In the year 410 Rome was sacked by barbarians.

In the  year 2015 all of Europe is being sacked by barbarians.

See video below.

Like the sacking of Rome, the sacking of Europe will have dire consequences.

The sacking of Rome introduced the Dark Ages that lasted over one thousand years.

The sacking of Europe is introducing a new dark ages from which humanity will never emerge.

The displacement of Western culture by Third-world people groups will erode the infrastructure upon which those people depend for their survival. Once Western culture is destroyed there will be no technological provisions to eradicate the next rogue virus, such as AIDS or Ebola. There will be no financial base to underwrite Third-world economies. Life enhancements -- such as energy and food production -- will stagnate then erode.

Countless millions of Third-world people will die due to famine and pestilence. The globalist elite will isolate themselves, far removed from the suffering of humanity and, all the while, blame the demise on the racism of white people. It will be much the same as privileged white liberals blaming white people today for a plethora of social injustices, nearly all figments of their imaginations.

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  1. When Rome was sacked Europe entered the dark ages. Is that the world's future with this new barbarian invasion?


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