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September 22, 2015 -- A 16-year-old Indianapolis boy was left paralyzed after being beaten at a school bus stop.

The attack was captured on video. See below.

Darius Hall suffered severe spinal cord injury when he was thrown to the ground during the attack.

A fundraiser has been initiated to finance an awareness campaign.

• While we appreciate good intentions, only school choice will allow parents to escape the violent crime that is innate to the government school monopoly. Parents should not be forced by the government to place their children in extreme violent environments to appease the greed of the nation's teachers unions and the indoctrination strategies of globalists.

• The predatory left talks incessantly of our nation's misty past when racist white brutes randomly assaulted negros for sport. In reality white Americans have a history of defending themselves from brutal attacks of black racists. Reality can be witnessed in real time. Even as you read these words countless thousands of our children are forced by the government to endure physical, verbal, and emotional abuse by racists and, all the while, being convinced they are somehow responsible because of the nation's white-supremacist past.

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Friends and neighbors say a 16-year-old Franklin Central suffered a severe spinal cord injury when he was beaten up at a bus stop.

Now, the community is coming together to support him.

Cell phone video shows Darius Hall being thrown to the ground on August 21. Police say this is an open investigation, which will eventually be given to the prosecutor's office to determine whether any charges should be filed. So far no arrests have been made.

A fundraiser is happening this weekend to help take a stand against teen violence.

A cornhole tournament will happen Saturday at Brewskies Pub and Eatery on Southeastern Avenue. On Sunday, a car wash will be held at Mascari Cleaners near Southeastern Avenue and Northeastern Avenue.

Hall remains in the hospital recovering from his injuries. He still has some feeling in his legs, and he can feel his feet. Hall is working hard to regain his mobility.

More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

Click here to view video

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  1. Very few negroids were ever victimized by whites, and those that were usually did what they were accused of and precipitated the response by whites against them. Far more whites are victimized by negroes on a yearly basis than ALL the innocent victims of white brutality to negroes combined.

    1. NO shit sherlock, good post though;)