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September 5, 2015 -- The $1.5 million home of violin teacher Chris Ling has gone up for sale.

Ling is accused of raping female students at Chetham's School of Music in Manchester, England in the 1980s.

The former teacher killed himself as federal Marshalls attempted to serve warrants for his extradition in Los Angeles Tuesday.

He was due to face 77 crimes against victims, reports say.

• When asked, "What profession do you associate with pedophilia," most would likely identify Catholic priests as the culprits.

That reaction testifies to the effectiveness of the media to impress our minds with false realities.

Teachers are more likely to sexually abuse children than other professionals as made evident by simple searches on the Internet.

The "three-headed monster" assaulting our culture is comprised of the media, federal courts, and the government educational system. Each protect the other.

Occasionally news stories of teachers molesting students will demand national attention. Most, however, are consigned to bywords in local newscasts and buried in local newspapers.

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A paedophile (sic) teacher who cheated justice by taking his own life on the eve of his deportation to the UK was trying to sell his $1.5million (£970,000) Los Angeles apartment, it has emerged.

Chris Ling, 56, shot himself at his LA home on Tuesday when US marshals arrived to arrest him for extradition back to Britain - where he was due to face trial for 77 crimes against victims.

Pictures have now emerged of the interior of the property he was trying to sell - showing a bar and outdoor hot tub. An photograph of one room shows a grand piano in the corner.

Others show a terrace area with heaters, a fire pit next to luxury outdoor furniture, a fitted barbecue and stunning views across a valley.
It is understood that the Sherman Oaks apartment has been 'on and off' the market for the past year but that it is currently listed as active for sale for $1,479,000.

It comes as victims of the teacher accused him of a final abuse of power after he took his own life.

The horrifying scale of Ling’s crimes at Chetham’s School of Music in the 1980s is only now starting to emerge. Prosecutors say he was facing 77 charges against 11 victims – one aged just nine.

Girls were allegedly groped, violated, forced to perform sex acts and spanked so hard they cried.

One victim said she was furious Ling had cheated justice. ‘This is his final abuse of power,’ she told the Guardian. ‘To me it’s like he was saying: “I’m not even going to allow the process to go forward”.’

A second victim said: ‘I did want him to face a jury and justice, and yes, this outcome proves he was aware of his crimes, but it doesn’t feel enough.’

Another former pupil at the Manchester school told the Daily Mail: ‘He’s cheated his victims of ever seeing justice. But he’s paid the ultimate price for what he did.’

The marshals who went to Ling’s $1.5million home had a provisional warrant for his arrest. They confirmed extradition proceedings would have followed.

His case was part of Operation Kiso, a wide-ranging inquiry also investigating alleged abuse at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

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  1. His victims got better justice than the catch-and-release UK would give them. Teaching violin must be a pretty well-paying gig.