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September 19, 2015 -- High school students in Virginia and Pennsylvania are learning about free speech: They have none.

A student in Pennsylvania was accused of racism for wearing a t-shirt bearing a Confederate flag to school. He was sent home by the school's principal.

23 students at a high school in Virginia were suspended for wearing clothing emblazoned with the Confederate flag.

Rules at Christiansburg High School single out the Confederate flag as reflecting "adversely on persons due to race."

Apparently the school doesn't consider that banning the flag reflect adversely on persons due to race.

Government institutions, including government schools, are using the massacre of nine black people in a South Carolina church as an excuse to expunge cultural icons.

The mother of Christopher Shearer objected when her son was sent home from Lebanon County Career and Technology Center in South Annville Township, Penn.

Jennifer Sheare said her son doesn't have a racist bone in his body.

When she was informed her son's shirt was offensive, she asked, "Offended who?"

A leftist with his shusher. The predatory left uses accusations
of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc.
to shush us. 
• The predatory left cajoles us into submission by declaring most anything it pleases as "racist."

The Confederate flag is considered racist because the South permitted the ownership of black slaves.

However, generations of sub-Saharan African tribe embraced slavery for generations spanning thousands of years. Using liberal logic we should conclude that using the term "African" is racist and should be banned. Likewise, the United States government permitted slavery prior to the South's secession. Consequently, we should consider the term "American" racist.

When African and American are combined, the identifier could be considered twice as offensive to blacks as the Confederate flag.

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