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September 17, 2015 -- Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker is a racist because he ended cronyism by the state's teachers unions and built a highway in Milwaukee.

How are those racist?

One requires the esoteric insight of a mind illuminated by Marxism to detect it. It's akin to white privilege; only those possessed by the spirit of Karl Marx can sense it. But believe me, brother, it's there.

• The lengths to which the predatory left will go to make a case for racism is often mind boggling.

See Kenn's Laws #1. 

A case in point is the Wisconsin professor in Wisconsin who claims the governor's success in bridling teachers unions is racist.

Prof. Dylan Bennett claims Walker“invoke[d] racial symbolism in the policy contest over public sector collective bargaining rights.”

In a scholarly paper published in April, Bennett seems to conclude that any limited-government agenda is inherently racist.

It is titled The Whiteness of Wisconsin’s Wages: Racial Geography and the Defeat of Public Sector Labor Unions in Wisconsin.

• The strategy of the left seems to be (a) establish racism as the ultimate evil and (b) interpret every effort to limit excessive government as racist.

The outcome will be this syllogism:

a. Racism is the ultimate evil.
b. Limited government is racist.
c. Limited government is the ultimate evil.

The predatory left is attuned to sniff out racism which they find in virtually every nook and cranny in Western culture. We tend to find what we're looking for. See Kenn's Law #8. 

The truth is that Walker's stance against excessive union domination served to enhance educational opportunities for all.

• Unrestrained unionism operates in a psychopathic mode in which it exists to exist. Teachers unions ostensibly aid students by guaranteeing teachers fair wages. In reality teachers union lobby for excessive building programs costing taxpayers billions that assure the monopoly of government schools that, in turn, provides security to the unions that exist to exist.

The professor also claimed that the construction of a highway in Milwaukee was racist.

• Note that the predatory left isn't engaged in enhancing education and learning, but in fighting racism. Concerns for an efficient highway system is trumped by concerns for racism. The left sees no need to effectively govern the state of Wisconsin, but to eradicate racism. The racism the left seeks to eradicate is virtually nonexistent. That proves Kenn's Law #2: If liberals were logical, they wouldn't be liberals.

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 A University of Wisconsin – Waukesha professor claims that Gov. Scott Walker (R) used racism to build support for his public sector union reforms and to win and hold on to the governor’s office in 2010 and 2012.

Walker and others “invoke[d] racial symbolism in the policy contest over public sector collective bargaining rights,” Prof. Dylan Bennett claims in an academic paper co-authored by Hannah Walker, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Washington. The paper was published in April 2015 and is titled The Whiteness of Wisconsin’s Wages: Racial Geography and the Defeat of Public Sector Labor Unions in Wisconsin.

The heart of Bennett’s claim is that because the City of Milwaukee has the largest concentration of African Americans in the state, and because the counties surrounding Milwaukee County are “some of the whitest suburbs in the country such as Brookfield and Waukesha,” any effort to promote a limited-government agenda, including reducing the size and scope of government, is inherently racist even if racial language is never used.Bizarrely, Prof. Bennett asserts that the very absence of racist rhetoric is evidence of racial motivations behind 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 (collective bargaining reform for public sector unions) and Walker’s re-election during the 2012 recall forced by Democrats and their allies. “Language terms do not simply denote plain reality, but rather also connote varied associated meanings,” Bennett charges. “The political project of defeating public unions for economic reasons was thus also a project for white Wisconsin voters to defeat Black Milwaukee.”
“Governor Walker engages a strong, populist message directed at a vague popular majority with an exclusive claim to common sense, morality, and hard work,” writes Bennett, but the governor is guilty of “covert racism.” Such “racism” is spotted by Bennett in Walker’s comments about a “Midwestern work ethic” and his desire to “put the government back on the side of the people again.”

“In the tradition of covert racism such appeals to common sense, morality, and hard work are references to whiteness,” Bennett, who is himself white, claims.

Another example of racism is the construction of US-43, the federal highway that runs north and south through the heart of Milwaukee. “The construction of Highway 43, linking the city’s business center to outlying white communities, cut through the African American business district,” writes Bennett, and the highway is a “major contribution to Black poverty and segregation.”

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  1. Love how this hate-filled racist, Prof. Dylan Bennett, capitalizes "Black" but leaves "white" in lower-case.