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September 10, 2015 -- Two white teens were brutally beaten by a mob of savages in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania this week.

The city's black Police Chief said the attack had a "racial overtone."

The mob attack occurred as the brothers -- ages 16 and 19 -- were returning to their car after watching fireworks.

Privileged white liberals who isolate themselves in Jim Crow neighborhoods are unaware of the serious danger that exist in virtually every American urban area where black lives in significant numbers. Admitting reality is constitutionally racism, from the leftist perspective.

America's white population largely lives in a cognitive false reality created in their minds by exposure to cinema and television; an imperceptive world view that is formed in a vacuum of deprivation to coarse reality.

Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter said the black thugs shouted racial slurs at the brother who, he said, were "minding their own business."

White-on-black mob attacks only occur in Hollywood and in the minds of history revisionists who dishonestly portray white America as a legacy of hatred,  racism, and intolerance.

Some elements of black American communities have been unable to assimilate with Western culture after generations of immersion.

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Carter called the Cumberland County teens to offer his support and let them know about the state's victim compensation fund to cover their medical bills.

He described the brothers as "very nice, well-mannered" and didn't hide his disgust over the actions of the attacking juveniles.

"It really irks me that it happened," he said. "Hopefully we can arrest the people responsible for this."

The attack occurred near the federal building, which has cameras mounted outside that could help police identify the attackers.

The attackers could be the same group that went on a wilding in midtown Saturday night, jumping on cars, smashing vehicle mirrors and ransacking a convenience store, Carter said.

Carter said his officers planned to take video images from from the vandalism spree Saturday night, and any that they can find from the beating Sunday night, to every school in the city to help identify suspects.

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  1. NEGROcrime is THE problem of course no goldmansachs politician will say it.

  2. How long before the pendulum swings in the opposite direction and all the ooga boogas are put to flight?