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September 22, 2015 -- Finnish patriots formed a human barricade to force Islamic invaders back over the northern border of their nation into Sweden last weekend.

If patriots across Europe would ignore the globalist propaganda that falsely identifies the invaders as starving refugees, the sacking of Europe would be averted.

Will that happen? Time will tell.

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  1. Wow, and they weren't arrested for defending themselves? Are you sure this is Europe?

  2. Feel good story of the day! Think the USA would ever do this?

  3. I like the idea of ordinary citizens forcing the invaders back. Police almost everywhere do far more to protect the guilty from the populace at large than protect the ordinary citizen from the criminals. Having to face angry citizens will put fear into the hearts of invading criminals. As our government did to the Minutemen patrolling our border, I expect the pro-immigrant govt. of Finland will use its police to intimidate and harass its own citizens for refusing to toe the PC line it set forth.

  4. When can we expect that here in the US ?

  5. this needs to be done to the whitehouse.

  6. I am not very good with social media stuff so I urge every American patriot to send this story far and wide. Perhaps it will encourage timid and confused Americans to confront the illegal alien invasion on our Southern border. This madness must end now if any American or European is to have a homeland to call their own.