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September 29, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- The German newspaper Die Welt (The World) is reporting Christian refugees are being attacked at shelters in Germany.

The report said Sunday that Christians "are insulted, abused, assaulted and threatened with death by Muslim radicals."

An Iraqi Christian living in a shelter claimed to be "threatened with death."

According to the report,

• Muslims who occupy the shelters "are law."

• Christians do not even dare to prepare their meals in communal kitchens.

• Whoever does not pray five times a day toward Mecca is abused.

• The crosses worn around the neck are prohibited.

• Muslims converted to Christianity are almost 100% to be attacked.

According to Reuters, one victim said, "I thought I could live my religion freely here. But if I say I am a Christian in a shelter, I am threatened with death. They threatened to kill me. During Ramadan, they woke me at dawn to get me to eat and drink before sunrise. If I refused, they treated me unbeliever, an infidel. They spat at me and treated me like an animal. They threatened to kill me. "

The victim has taken refuge at a center in Brandenburg.

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