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September 13, 2015 -- One of two thugs accused of killing a 66-year-old Alabama man entered a guilty plea. The plea was in exchange for a sentence of life in prison.

The thugs are accused of breaking in the home of Howard Arthur McKee in April, 2014.

Kamal Dewayne Potts pleaded guilty on Thursday to the murder of Howard Arthur McKee.

• Elderly white people are routinely attacked by black thugs in the United States. Many of the attacks are fatal.

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• The media has convinced Americans that white people are the progenitors of racial violence in spite of the lack of empirical evidence or reliable documentation. The reason for the lack of evidence: White Americans have never been racist, but have been tolerant to a fault; turning their collective heads to the epdemic of black-on-white violence. Such willful ignorance makes them complicit in the deaths of people like McKee.

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One of the two men accused of killing a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran in his Hueytown home in April has pleaded guilty to the crime.

Kamal Dewayne Potts pleaded guilty on Thursday to the murder of Howard Arthur McKee. Potts was sentenced to life in prison, according to Hueytown police.

The prosecution of the other suspect, Romell Markee Cunningham, is still pending.

Hueytown police believe the duo killed McKee after breaking into his home on West Harlem Avenue on April 23.

"This case is not just an outrage for Mr. McKee's neighbors, or just for the citizens of Hueytown, or even for those in the Birmingham metro area. It's the kind of offense that should provoke a reaction from all decent, hard-working people everywhere," Hueytown Police Chief Churck Hagler said.

"This was not a drug deal gone bad. This was not a gang-related shooting," the chief continued.

"Mr. McKee was an innocent citizen, killed in his own home by criminals for nothing more than a few household items," Hagler said.

Police said McKee had served two tours of duty in Vietnam and was a retired Birmingham firefighter. Hagler said McKee "resisted their attempt to victimize him and was shot and killed by the suspects."

Cunningham, 28, and Kamal Dewayne Potts, 23, both of Birmingham, were each charged with capital murder during a robbery and capital murder during a burglary.

"The suspects have very few connections to Hueytown. It appears they were riding around looking for an empty house to break into," Hagler said.

An anonymous tip to the FBI helped lead to the identification of both suspects, according to FBI spokesman Paul Daymond.

"They're not just a danger to any one person. They're a danger to us all. If they would do that to this man, they wouldn't hesitate to shoot you, me, anyone else and hurt us in our own homes," Bill Vietch, Chief Deputy DA for the Bessemer Division, said.

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