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September 24, 2015 -- British journalist Leo McKinstry say the tsunami of Islamic insurgents invading the West threatens to destroy the European Union.

McKinstry said the immigration crisis is the "inevitable consequence of the federalists’ insistence on mass freedom of movement and open borders."

He blames arrogant and unelected bureaucrats whose objective is to squash democracies and replace them with a multicultural superstate.

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Europe is in its death throes, broken by the destructive arrogance, spectacular irresponsibility and neurotic dogma of its own leaders.

The immigration crisis engulfing the EU is the inevitable consequence of the federalists’ insistence on mass freedom of movement and open borders. These steps have been part of a plan to sweep away national democracies, replacing them with a multicultural superstate governed by an unelected elite in Brussels.

Behind all the manipulative propaganda about the plight of the refugees the reality is that the open-door approach amounts to a form of suicide for Europe. The fabric of our civilisation is being transformed through a social revolution for which no European citizen has ever voted.

It is estimated that more than 480,000 migrants have crossed to Europe by sea this year, with the rate of arrivals now reaching 6,000 a day, most of them Muslims from Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

This change will not only impose a colossal strain on the civic infrastructure and social cohesion of the member states but it is bound to accelerate the process of Islamification. One study has shown that in 2010 there were at least 44 million Muslims in Europe, a total that, even before the present crisis, was expected to double by 2050.

Despite our opt-out from the EU’s refugee policy Britain has been just as badly affected by migration. It is partly thanks to free movement rules that, as the Organisation for ­Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) revealed yesterday, more than 584,000 foreigners settled here last year.

The fashionable metropolitan chatterers see such figures as a cause for celebration, claiming that mass immigration enriches our society. But in truth this demographic upheaval puts intolerable pressure on public services, the NHS and the housing supply.

More importantly it destroys our sense of social solidarity and mutual belonging, turning many British citizens into aliens in their own land. White Britons are now significantly in the minority in places such as Leicester, Slough and London.

Just as in the rest of Europe, mass immigration is making Britain ever more Islamified. Mohammed is now the most popular boy’s name in the country while Muslim pupils outnumber Christian ones in Birmingham.

This process has been accompanied by worsening radicalisation, the aggressive rejection of British liberal values, the spread of misogyny as symbolised by the burka, the menace of predatory, racist sex gangs and the growth of domestic terrorism.

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