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September 12, 2015 -- While the wayward left has us wringing our hands over alleged crimes committed by Klansters in ages past, they are waving welcome signs to the oldest and bloodiest hate group in human history: Islam.

Germany's security service has issued a warning to that effect, sans the part about Klansters.

According to the Telegraph:

Pierre Vogel, a former boxer and convert to Islam who has been described as “Germany’s most influential Salafist preacher”, a puritan branch of Sunni Islam, called on his followers to seek out new recruits at government refugee shelters.
Who woulda known.

• Islamic extremists in Europe have been successful in recruiting ethnic Europeans to their cause. Vogel is an example.

If the religion of hate can successfully recruit white Europeans like Vogel with no personal or cultural ties to Islam, how much easier will it be for them to recruit individuals already immersed in 1,400 year old hate group?

• How peculiar that the predatory left finds time to condemn the remnants of Klan while chastising sane patriots as bigots for disparaging the hate group that flew two jet liners filled with passengers into the World Trade Center.

The Marxist mantra has always been: Accuse the opposition of committing your crimes.

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