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September 5, 2015 -- Imagine the consequences if Europeans "welcomed" insurgent Muslim "refugees" with the same courtesy!

Apparently a shopkeeper rigged a row of water bottles. When the Irish customer took one, the others fell off the shelf and the shopkeeper demanded payment for all.

A fight ensued and all shopkeepers joined the attack. (They do the same in London). As you see in the video, they don't call them "fighting Irish" for nothing.

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A man reported to be an Irish citizen has been heralded as a hero after fighting off a mob of Turkish shopkeepers who beat him with sticks.

Described by Turkish media as an Irish tourist and a professional boxer, he had been at a market in Istanbul's Aksaray neighbourhood looking for a bottle of water.

After he opened the fridge door, accidentally sending all the bottles tumbling to the floor, the owner of the shop held a stick to him.

A large group of other shopkeepers then came to defend the shop owner, some carrying sticks or stools.

Despite the unfavourable odds, a video shows the man putting up stiff resistance and taking them on one by one.

The footage appears to have been recorded at the start of August.

Some reports have said the man was born in Kuwait but is now an Irish citizen.

Video of the incident was shared and the man has been praised by many social media users in Turkey.

The support for the man follows a series of crimes by shopkeepers, recently tasked by Turkey's president with a "volunteer mission [to] when necessary ... be soldiers, fighters, heroes, police and judges".

In July, a shopkeeper in the western province of Izmir was accused of beating a Syrian child, and in February a journalist was stabbed to death by a shopkeeper after he threw a snowball at a window during a playful snowball fight.

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