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September 8, 2015 -- Facts and the predatory left are incompatible.

Consequently, cultural Marxism is driven to consign natural phenomena to social causes.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the empirical science of intelligence research.

The fact that East Asians and whites are, on an average, intellectually superior to blacks is hotly disputed for one reason: It simply doesn't fit the cultural Marxism narrative that income disparities are caused by social injustice.

Because intelligence is largely predetermined by genetics, social engineers have no basis for social tinkering.

They employ a simple technique to circumvent this inconvenience: They lie.

The predatory left lies when it attributes economic disparities to "glass ceilings" imposed by white people when, in reality, economic disparities are the effect of a genetic cause: natural abilities.

That's not to say the social causes never produce economic disparities. Nepotism can result in a less qualified person being hired, for example. Racism can also play a role.

However, no amount of social engineering can alter one's DNA. When racism does not exist people with higher intellects will out perform those with lower intellects in free-market environments.

To wholly dismiss intelligence as a causal factor smacks of denial and dishonesty.

Many leftists understand and accept intelligence disparities among people groups, but refuse to acknowledge it. Rather, they seek to remove the economic disparities by removing the distribution of intelligence disparities. This is achieved my merging people groups. Those who oppose the merging are stigmatized as 'racists,' 'xenophobes,' or 'Islamophobes.'

The predatory left moves ahead with it's agenda to remove economic disparities between Third-world nations and Western nations through immigration, a trend that is irreversible and threatens to plunge humanity into a paleolithic dark ages from which it may never emerge.

Tragically, the people the predatory left pretends to help suffer negative consequences of social tinkering.

When Jim Crow laws were displaced with forced integration in the South, for example, white people were likewise forced to flee black violence. The outcome was cities such as Birmingham and Selma, Ala. becoming more segregated than during Jim Crow as white residents fled black crime for safer, all-white communities. As the areas tax bases declined, so did essential municipal services. Ironically, anti-segregation civil rights laws caused advanced segregation and hurt those they promised to help.

On a larger scale we are witnessing the same phenomenon as all Western Europe and the United States are being racially integrated through immigration.

The predatory left plays on the pathological altruism of white people, compelling them to accept their own demise and that of the progeny rather than suffer the indignity of being labeled 'racist.'

In Europe, Westerners believe rhetorical claims that non-white insurgents are, in reality, refugees fleeing the trauma of war, crime, and poverty in their homelands. (Oddly, the same leftists who advance that false reality refuse to acknowledge white flight from the aforementioned Alabama cities is anything but racism.) Few consider the alternatives nor wonder aloud why refugees don't seek asylum in prosperous Arab nations that are closer and pose fewer flight risks, such as traversing the Mediterranean.

The innovation of Western cultures will be hampered as will the economic prosperity it brings. That will result in fewer resources available to all.

Economic Marxism has never advanced quality of life through innovation. Rather, Marxism advances equality and social justice. Marxism would prefer humanity exist in a paleolithic status of abject poverty with equality than exist in prosperity with economic disparities. The Marxists elite are, themselves, exempt as seen in North Korea and Cuba.

That is precisely what we are witnessing in Western Europe and the United States.

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