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September 12, 2015 -- Muslims living in Western Europe score significantly below the majority ethnic white populations. Muslims living in Islamic countries likewise have low intellects.

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The insurgence of "refugees" into Western Europe will ultimately affect the standard of living in those nations as the newcomers offer little to their economies while burdening generous government welfare programs.

As you watch the short video below, be mindful that these people are not drunk as Muslims do not consume alcohol. You are observing innate behavior. The video depicts two Muslim sects in conflict on an London street.

From The Comparison of Mean IQ in Muslim and Non-Muslim Countries (Donald I. Templer Alliant International University, Fresno (Retired) we read:

[T]he contemporary Muslim world is under in highly creative contributions published in prestigious scientific journals.

Lynn (1991) presented the total number of Nobel Prizes in science, literature, and economics combined with the Fields award in mathematics as a function of vie major categories of ethnic origin. Europeans had a total of 541, North East Asians 23, South Asiansa and North Africans combined 10, Africans one (in literature), and Southeast Asians none.

It is apparent that the predominantly Muslim countries are in the bottom three categories. Such a dearth of superlative scholarly achievement is consistent with the Lynn & Vanhanen (2006) Table 6.5 listing of mean IQs in the world's countries.

Indonesia, the most populous Muslm country, has a mean IQ of 87. If the standard deviation in Indonesia is 15, two standard deviations above the mean is only 117, which probably is not a high enough IQ to obtain a Ph.D. in physics from prestigious universities in high mean IQ countries.

Even if mean IQ differences between two countries are modest, the disparity of extremely gifted persons can be huge.

The IQs of the Muslim populations in the non-Muslim countries tend to be lower than those of the majority population (Lynn, 2008a). In the Netherlands, the mean IQ of Turks is 83, of Moroccans 81, and Indonesians 94 (Lynn, 2008a). Mackintosh (2007) reported that in the United Kingdom Pakistanis score 4 to 6 IQ points below the Indians.

It is unlikely that this can be attributed entirely to minority status. The Chinese are a minority in many countries of the world and yet obtain higher mean IQs than the majority populations.

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  1. They shouldn't let anyone with an I.Q. under 95 into this country and they should sterilize anyone under 95.That would fix a lot of problems.