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September 7, 2015 -- Unaware that Brandon Lamar Williams was attempting to rob a car, a Good Samaritan approached the vehicle and explained how to release the emergency break, police say.

Williams reportedly pointed a handgun at the man and retorted, “Oh, you good, I only rob white people.”

The crime occurred in Detroit.

Reports say Williams pointed two guns, one in each hand, at two men in a 2015 Ford Fusion, demanding their belongings. He twice attempted to pull the trigger of one gun, but it failed to fire.

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A hapless carjacker failed to get away with the crime after his gun jammed, he forgot to release the parking brake and let a witness go, saying: “You good, I only rob white people,” according to the FBI.

Court records filed Friday in U.S. District Court in Detroit chronicle a failed carjacking that led to a 24-year-old man facing federal carjacking and firearm charges, which carry penalties of 25 or more years.

The carjacking happened Tuesday afternoon at Rouge Park on Detroit’s west side.

Brandon Lamar Williams, 24, allegedly approached two men inside a 2015 Ford Fusion while holding a revolver in each hand, according to the FBI.

Williams announced a hold-up and demanded an Apple Watch, two rings and a black bag from the first victim, according to federal court records.

At one point, Williams pointed a gun at the second victim and squeezed the trigger three times, the FBI said. The gun, however, failed to fire.

Williams pointed a gun at the first man’s neck and told the men to “get out and leave the laptop,” according to court records.

As the first man exited the car, Williams allegedly struck him in the face with the gun, breaking his nose.

Now behind the wheel, Williams tried to drive away, but couldn’t, the FBI said.

He forgot the parking brake.

A witness unaware of the carjacking saw Williams struggling to drive away, approached the car and told him about the parking brake.

Williams pointed a revolver at the Good Samaritan, the FBI said.

The Samaritan raised his hands in the air, court records show, before Williams spoke.

“Oh, you good, I only rob white people,” he allegedly said, according to court records.

Williams soon ditched the Fusion and got into a Jeep Liberty, which he had parked nearby.

Backing up, Williams hit the Fusion and got stuck on a median, according to court records.

Soon after, a police car entered the parking lot. The FBI says Williams managed to flee in the Liberty.

While speeding at 90 mph, Williams crashed into another car traveling southbound on Evergreen at Van Buren , the FBI said.

The Liberty rolled over several times and hit two utility poles. Williams was sent flying and ended up in front of the Jeep, surrounded by downed power lines, court records show.

He was arrested and taken to an area hospital. His condition was not disclosed in court records, but he suffered facial injuries that kept him from participating in a line-up the next day.

Investigators learned the Liberty was stolen Sunday from the 20000 block of Stansbury in Detroit.

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  1. trump would really be honest if he said NEGRO crime is the number 1 problem.

  2. You're in luck - I only shoot black criminals

  3. When their gun doesn't work is when you punch them really hard in the throat.