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September 23, 2015 -- Britons view Hungary as their best last hope to stop the invasion of Islamic insurgents pretending to be Syrian refugees.

Of about 300 contacts per day, 70 percent support beefing up Hungarian borders to stop the Muslim invasion.

Most Islamic insurgents pass through Hungary en route to Britain, Germany, and France.

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Britons have been jamming the switchboard of Hungary's embassy to London with messages of support for Budapest's controversial stance on the migrant crisis, the mission's staff disclosed on Tuesday.

In a briefing designed to defend Hungary's decision to fence off its borders to migrants trying to reach Europe, the country's diplomats disclosed that the embassy in Belgravia was now receiving up to 300 phone calls, emails and letters every day on the matter.

While around 30 per cent were comments such as "you are heartless scum", the rest described Hungary's actions as "God's gift to Europe", officials claimed.

The comments, which offer a snapshot of British attitudes on the migrant question, were revealed by the embassy in the wake of strong criticisms levelled at Hungary over the hardline approach of Viktor Orban, the country's Right-wing prime minister.

Mr Orban has said that the influx of mainly Muslim migrants from the likes of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan could end up running into the millions, threatening Europe's identity as a Christian nation.

Hungarian police, meanwhile, have been castigated for using tear gas and water cannon on migrants as they have tried to stop them crossing into Hungarian territory, large parts of which are now guarded by a hastily-built border fence.

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  1. Only Eastern Europe has the backbone to fight. Western Europe is too limp wristed and Americans are paralyzed by PC.

  2. Tear gas and water cannons? I think machine guns and flamethrowers would be more effective!