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September 6, 2015 -- About 250 German leftists met Syrian insurgents at a rail station to give the a 'rock-star' welcome.

Considering the population of Germany is approaching 81 million, we calculate that 80,999,750 Germans refused to welcome the insurgents.

Then, considering the 250 is likely an inflated number, we estimate that 80,999,975 Germans declined to participate in the flamboyant media stunt.

So why are these people behaving so insanely?

Marxist believe the economic disparity that exist between Western culture and Third-world nations is immoral. To remove the disparity, they are actively displacing Western culture. In so doing they achieving their objective of creating a globalist economy in which all humans are economic equivalents.

The Marxist themselves, of course, will be the exceptions as made evident in existing Marxist countries such as Cuba and North Korea.

Expect this media stunt to be duplicated throughout Western Europe.

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  1. What we are witnessing is the decline of the West. It's just like the barbarian invasions that brought down Ancient Rome. Western nations (including the USA) are being INVADED by massive third world immigration. What is incredible is that this immigration (both legal and illegal) is being encouraged and aided by Western nations! The barbarians are no longer at the gates. They are in the house AND WE LET THEM IN!

  2. Those German girls welcoming the fake refugees with flowers are like the Russian women who greeted the invading Germans with flowers. They had no idea.

  3. proves they belong in the kitchen! ever think when they got the vote in 1898 within 16 years the fed began and major wars.