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September 14, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- The advantage of government schools, they say, is the development of social skills.

Those skills after include learning to bully other students. Such social skills often lead to depression and suicide.

A case in point in a government school in Tonganoxie, Kan.

14-year-old Emily Snodgrass was photographed semi-nude in a locker room by a bully. The photo was widely distributed with no intervention or apparent concern from the union members who control the school.

Government schools typically cite privacy laws as an excuse to hide the complicity and incompetence.

Parents are forced by law to submit their children to schools were they are subjected to bullying by teachers and other students. Many teachers are arrested for rape and molestation of students; others are never caught.

Meanwhile the students' minds are saturated with social and economic left-wing doctrine.

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"Through middle school there were rumors she was pregnant. Girls would come up and touch her belly. We were told to just ignore it that it would go away," Snodgrass said. "Emily unfortunately did have a suicide attempt last year from all of the bullying."

Then, this week, a student used their cell phone to snap a picture of the Tonganoxie High School freshman in the locker room.

"I expected to have privacy in a locker room," Emily said. “The girls are always on their phones so I wasn't suspicious."

She was only in her bra and spandex underwear and had no idea the picture was being taken until friends saw it posted on Snapchat, a social media instant messaging site.

"The girl had written the words, ‘Exposed!’ ‘I don't give a F’ ‘I hate her,’” Snodgrass said.

“I broke down into tears because there’s all these people looking at me. I have really bad anxiety and they are all telling me ‘Oh have you seen this? Have you seen this?’ I hear cliques of people in the hallway talking about it," Emily said.

The Tonganoxie School District said it severely disciplined the student who took and posted the picture Tuesday. Because of student privacy, they could not go into detail about the punishment.

“Sad news day if this is newsworthy. Kids need to come to school to be cared for and learn but know when poor choices are made, it won’t be on the evening news,” Superintendent Lyn Rantz wrote.

“It is a big issue, it is newsworthy because they need to do something about it, instead of sweeping it under the rug,” Snodgrass said.

Snodgrass said she wants it taken more seriously and to see more done to protect students like her daughter.

“I think that the school's policy should be changed. They shouldn't allow electronic devices in places like bathrooms and locker rooms where children are expected to undress," she said. "I think they need to protect our children more and I think more people need to be aware this happened. It could happen to anyone."

"Child predators could have that photo because of her," Emily said.

The student handbook has a policy against cyber bullying defined as “threats or harassment over the Internet through web pages, email, instant messaging, text messaging, or other electronic means.”

The family said they've reported this to two different school resource officers and have given formal written statements to police. The school resource office is now trying to determine whether the student’s action was criminal.

The family doesn’t believe any formal charges will be filed.

There is a Kansas state eavesdropping statute that makes it illegal to take someone’s picture without their consent, if it’s to look at their body or undergarment. Several lawyers who KCTV5’s Bonyen Lee spoke with said the law was meant to keep sexual predators, not necessarily bullies, away.

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