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September 12, 2015 -- Well, technically, WXYZ in Detroit didn't say, "black thug."

Rather, the TV station identified the suspect as an "African American."

Semantics aside, Hollywood elitist Nicole Curtis was in Detroit when a black thug stole her purse.

According to the news report the star of Rehab Addict was placing a baby in the driver's side car seat when a victim of white privilege ran from a nearby black SUV, reached in the window of the car, and snatched a purse.

The black victim and his accomplice fled the seen in a Chevy Trailblazer.

Reports say Curtis was in Detroit to attend a jazz festival which -- we're only guessing -- was attended by a largely white, vegan-hipster type audience.

The actor reported her ordeal on Facebook, encouraging readers not to give up on cities like Detroit.

• Here's bit of information for Curtis and other Hollywood do-gooders: The problem with Detroit has nothing to do with it's geography and everything to do with its genealogy. The intersection of longitude and latitude is unrelated to the escalation of violent crime.

While we admire the altruism that drives you to rehabilitate houses in distressed neighborhoods, we must connect the dots between the void in character of people who jump out of SUVs to snatch purses and their unwillingness to exist as responsible citizens.

In other words: If they guy who snatched your purse moves into a house you renovated, the synaptic firings that drove him to steal will also drive him to allow his new house to fall back into decay and disrepair.

Rehabilitating a person's house as a means of rehabilitating the person's character will be met with measured success. And when we say, "measured," we refer to tiny teaspoons.

• Let's add this observation: Blacks who complain of racism when they don't qualify for mortgages will also complain of predatory lending when they're granted loans they can't repay.

Helping the truly needy is a altruistic characteristic that sets us above others. Pathological altruism is a character flaw that is closely related to gullibility that results in losing our purses.

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