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September 20, 2015

DAILYKENN.com -- Pope Francis seems to be veering off topic. Rather than saving souls his focus is saving the planet.

With the Pope's visit scheduled within days, a head's up is in order: The pontiff is expected to posture himself squarely in the anti-science sphere of global warming or, to use the current tag, climate change.

Why the change to climate change?

Despite an 8 percent increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past 20 years, the predicted warming didn't materialize. It's akin to Jehovah's Witnesses predicting the Second Coming for the third time.

While the Pope is pontificating over global warming, here is a thought to bear in mind:

The beef over global warming has nothing to do with the natural environment and everything to do with providing an excuse for Marxists to attack free-market capitalism. If those greedy business owners would stop polluting the planet, they say, all would be well. Their solution is to move from a market economy to a Marxist economy. There's really is nothing else to it.

While in the States the Pope will address a joint session of Congress, then mosey over to the United Nations to infect their minds with his doldrums.

I wonder if the Pope will make note that global warming may actually enhance the natural environment?

Not only has fossil-fuel burning increased CO2 levels -- the major building block of virtually all life -- it has added an estimated $3.2 trillion in additional crop production. A tenet of Christianity is to feed the poor. A tad bit of global warming, it turns out, goes a long way in filling gas tanks and empty stomachs.

That, of course, is anathema to Marxism that feeds on poverty for its survival: When people don't need food, they don't need Marxism.

It's a pleasant thought that every time you fuel up at the gas station, you're not only adding to life-enhancing CO2 levels, but you're feeding starving children in Bangladesh.

Time to rethink buying a Humvee.

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  1. mercury too next they will include plutonium.


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