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September 9, 2015 -- The suspect accused of beating a Florida policeman was captured by witnesses Sunday.

Reports say Deputy Sheriff Mike Walsh was attacked during a traffic stop.

The suspect fled on foot after knocking Walsh to the pavement, straddling him, and pounding his head in a manner similar to Trayvon Martin's attack of George Zimmerman.

Three passing  motorists stopped to assist the officer and apprehended the fleeing suspect.

• The mainstream Marxist media is responsible for the recent increase in police assaults. The media cast black males as the oppressed victims of police brutality, ignoring the hundreds of thousands of black-on-black homicides that have occurred in recent years.

Black lives matter to the media, but only those whose deaths can be exploited to further the Marxist agenda.

The attack occurred near Winter Have, Fla.

• Imagine the media outcry had officer defended himself with deadly force.

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According to the Sheriff, Deputy Walsh, who is assigned to the Traffic Unit and was patrolling the Winter Lake Road of Winter Haven area on his motorcycle, saw the suspect fail to stop at the stop sign on King Road.

Walsh had to brake his motorcycle to avoid being struck by the car, the sheriff said.

Walsh ran his lights and sirens in an attempt to pull the car over. Johnson reportedly ignored Walsh but eventually pulled over at Winter Lake Rd at Camellia Rd.

The Sheriff says Johnson ignored Walsh's directions to remain in the car and hand over his driver's license.

Johnson then came out of his car and began punching Walsh about the head and face, dislodging his agency-issued radio headset and knocking the deputy to the ground, the sheriff explained.

"He just got out of the car and started beating the officer and then got on top of him beating him," recalled George Cooper.

Johnson then straddled Walsh across his chest and continued to punch him and attempting to remove his gear from his duty belt. Walsh kept one hand firmly on his firearm so that the suspect could not remove it, and was able to flip the suspect off of him, at which time the suspect fled on foot, according to the Sheriff.

Several passing motorists witnessed the incident and stopped to assist.

George Cooper rushed to assist Walsh, who was laying on the road, and then ran after Johnson.

"When I see someone fighting a police officer I am going to stop at and help," Cooper said.

Cooper, who has a bad leg and herniated discs in his neck, has to wear a leg brace.   He said the pain he felt didn't stop him.

"I'd do it again," he said.

Next, Antonio Velazquez stopped his car and attempted to tackle Johnson as he fled. By that time, Walsh got up and also assisted in detaining the suspect, who was still fighting.

"When he sees me he tries to run," said Velazquez.  "So, when he tries to run I punch him and kick him and he go down to the ground."

Christopher Carver saw the struggle and also stopped to help. Johnson continued to actively resist all four men's efforts to subdue him.

"Him [Walsh] and the other guy were rolling around in the center median," said Carver.  "By the time I had gotten out of my car they'd crossed the westbound lanes."

Carver described Walsh as being red in the face from the beating.

According to the Sheriff, Walsh's Taser and radio microphone headset were broken during the fight. Through the efforts of the three Good Samaritans, Deputy Walsh was able to take the suspect into custody and call for back-up.

Deputy Walsh suffered numerous bruises and abrasions - luckily his motorcycle helmet deflected some of the blows to his head. He also suffered a broken thumb.

All three Good Samaritans do not believe they are heroes.

"I eel good but I was just trying to help," Valezquez said.

"I am not in this for the hero stuff, but that boy was going to kill that officer," Cooper added.

Johsnon has been in the Polk County Jail on 7 prior occasions.  At the time of this incident, he had several active warrants.

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