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September 10, 2015 --  Authorities dismantled a Gypsy camp in France late last month.

The media described the camps as "a sprawling network of makeshift shelters that housed hundreds of people."

The report estimated that about 20,000 Gypsies live in shantytowns around France.

Gypsies are formally known as Roma and are thought to be descended from migrants from northwest India who entered the Balkans about 900 years ago. This theory is based on linguistic and genetic evidence.

Gypsies have retained their ethnic identity and have been unable or unwilling to assimilate with Europeans.

The Gypsy's population serves as a harbinger for the current mass migration of Middle Eastern population groups into Europe who will likely not adopt Western culture, but will overwhelm it and displace it.

The term "Gypsy" was assigned due to their resemblance of Egyptians.

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Police, working swiftly in the pouring rain, cleared out one of France's biggest and oldest Roma camps on Thursday, dismantling a sprawling network of makeshift shelters that housed hundreds of people.

After the 2 1/2-hour-long evacuation, some 50 people milled about on the streets of La Courneuve, despite official promises that no one would be left in the streets.

Hugues Besancenot, secretary general of the prefecture of the Seine-Saint-Denis region northeast of Paris, said around 60 pregnant women, young children and disabled camp residents received vouchers for urgent housing. The others were given a homeless shelter hotline.

About 200 people had been living in the camp, which sprang up in 2009, he said. However, associations put the number at about 300, noting that not all are present year-round.

"They did nothing for us. They said there's no place for me," said Brindus Dan, who lived in the camp with his wife and three children, including a 6-month-old baby, for four years.

Residents had six months to prepare for the evacuation since a court ordered the camp shut last February. Police gave a final warning Tuesday, Besancenot said. Riot police lined the street leading to the camp, blocking the demolition of the shantytown from the public.

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  1. Thanks to EU freedom of movement and residence between countries, hundreds of thousands of Gypsies have spread across Europe. In Sweden they've had to close down highway rest stops because Gypsies live in them and flush towels down the toilets and crap on everything. In Norway Gypsies set up camps in the woods and parks and eat people's cats and dogs. Police who clear out their camps find the gnawed bones of pets, along with the usual piles of garbage and plastic bags of sh*t. In 2013 there were 15,000 incidents of pick pocketing reported in the police beat that includes Oslo's main train station. I thought the number was too high to be real, but it is. There are Gypsy beggars on every main drag in Scandinavia now. They like to hang around retirement centers so they can attack old ladies and steal their jewelry. They also drive around in the countryside and ask old people for a glass of water, then beat the shit out of them and rob their homes. You have to pay first for your gas now because of them. The days that Norway was so innocent that driving out on your gas payment triggered a police investigation and stories in the local news media are long gone.