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September 15, 2015 -- Some believe Jim Crow laws were an expression of white racism; that white people were possessed by an irrational dislike for people of African heritage. Others believe they existed to protect whites from black violence.

The brawl in Memphis is one of hundreds of similar incidents documented by video in recent years.

News accounts say a mob became impatient while waiting for a ride, so they attacked the attendant.

Note the stunned expression on the faces of the white people on the ride as they observe the violence.

It appears their minds have been exposed to white guilt indoctrination and this dose of crass reality is stunning beyond belief.

Unable to protect themselves with Jim Crow laws, white Americans simply avoid areas where ratchet behavior is likely to occur. The media reacts with the assertion that whites are avoiding blacks because they are racist.

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A fight at the Delta Fair Sunday has resulted in 24-year-old Antonio Butler being arrested and charged with assault and bodily harm.

Shelby County Sheriff's deputies watched a video that a patron recorded, which showed Butler running around another fair worker, entering the ride area and attacking a fair worker. Based on the video, Butler was arrested.

Other patrons associated with Butler also were escorted out of the fair.

This incident prompted FOX13 to look into security measures being taken by fair personnel.

"We had a ten day event that had almost 250 thousand people; You're going to have five stupid people," Delta Fair CEO Mark Lovell told FOX13. "Those five stupid people were escorted off the property."

Lovell said Shelby County deputies, Memphis police and private security were able to break up the fight in a matter of minutes.

"We had about 45 or 50 Shelby County deputies inside the property," Lovell said. "We had 15 or 20 Memphis police on the outside."

The Delta Fair ended on Sunday. The Mid-South Fair begins September 25. CEO Jesse Johnson told FOX13 he doesn't want what took place at one fair to discourage people from attending his fair.

"Southaven Police is our primary law enforcement agency, however, we do have our private security guards on duty to," Johnson said.

There will be at least 30 Southaven police officers and a handful of security guards on duty at the Mid-South fair.

As for Antonio Butler, he was transported to Regional One, treated for minor injuries, released and then taken to jail. Butler has been released on $250.00 bond. He was in court Monday morning, and his next court date is set for September 22.

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