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September 3, 2015 -- At what point does the myth of white-on-black racism come to an end?


One would think that the displacement of white culture in South Africa would be sufficient to end complaints of white privilege and oppression.

One would be wrong.

In spite of rigid anti-white racist laws in hiring and in defiance of a genocidal wave of homicides that has left thousands of white farmers and family members dead, blacks in South Africa continue to complain of being victims.

A group of students at Stellenbosch University set out to make a film chronically the lives of black students at the Johannesburg campus. The movie, Luister (Listen), reveals that cultural Marxism remains embedded in the minds of South African black 21 years after the black majority took control of the nation.

What are the implications for Americans?

There will never come a time when appeasement will silence anti-white racism.

Neither civil rights laws nor the displacement of cultural icons will satiate the appetite of haters. The genocide our culture will continue until there is nothing left. And then we will be accused of causing the calamity that is certain to follow the displacement of Western culture.

To understand the extent of anti-white racism in South Africa google the search term "South Africa farm murders," then click images

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Black students at Stellenbosch University talked about being victims of racism as though such experiences had become normal to them, said the filmmakers behind the documentary Luister (Listen).

"It was sort of like it was an afterthought for them, it had become normalised," Declan Manca said on Thursday.

Manca and three fellow University of Cape Town students, who are all white, had initially intended to ask black students at the university what they thought of the dual English and Afrikaans language policy.

They also wanted to interview students at the Elsenburg Agricultural College on the same matter. Elsenburg, also in Stellenbosch, falls under the Department of Agriculture.

But when students were asked if they had ever felt alienated at the institution, stories of discrimination began pouring out.

In the 34-minute film, one lecturer and 32 students tell their stories of what it is like to be black on largely white, Afrikaans-speaking campuses. The six hours of interviews were "emotionally devastating", said Manca.

Editing the footage meant watching it repeatedly. It took between 60 and 100 hours, and he became numb to the emotional impact of the stories, he said.

"And we didn't even have that much confidence in the film when we released it. We had become so numb to it we thought, like, is this any good? Is this shocking at all?

"I think that's what happens when you live in a place like that, obviously on a much grander scale, where you're surrounded by these incidents all the time," he said. Manca went on to say that because students were "immersed in it", it became "normalised".

Fellow filmmaker Erik Mulder explained the reason behind the film’s title.

"They knew these stories, they've been telling these stories over and over again to people, but no one was listening."

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