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September 13, 2015 -- Massive demonstrations were held in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia this weekend as East Europeans grow frustrated with their cultures being displaced by a tsunami of Muslim insurgents.

10,000 Poles rallied in Warsaw yesterday to protest the current wave of Muslims invading their nation from the Middle East, according to event organizers. The mainstream Marxist media cited 5,000 participants.

Hundreds rallied in the Czech capital, Prague. Many demanded the government withdraw from the European Union.

The mainstream Marxist media has largely hushed the demonstrations, placing emphasis on counter protests.

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  1. They will never assimilate and become like us. It will never happen. Moreover, we have an obligation to protect our beautiful race and civilization. These invaders are not only ugly, they are violent and uncivilized and they must be rounded up and deported by force. Hopefully, the military will declare Martial Law in every European Nation and stops their demise.