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September 2, 2015 -- The individual scheduled to stand trial for the murder of an Indianapolis teen has been implicated in a second homicide.

William Gholston will stand trial for the murder of Dominique Allen. News reports say the body of Allen, a high school student, was found hog-tied and burned. The teen was murdered last year.

Ten years ago Gholston was tried for the murder of Sandra Clark-Hobbs. Although Gholston's DNA was found on Hobb's body, the jury acquitted him.

Gholston has a lengthy criminal record. You may view his 24 mug shots here ►

The crimes occurred in Indianapolis.

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One year ago, Ben Davis High School student Dominique Allen was found dead.

Now as her alleged killer is just two weeks from going to trial, another family is coming forward claiming Allen is not his first victim.

More than a decade ago, William Gholston Senior was on trial for killing Sandra Clark-Hobbs.

The Indianapolis mother was strangled, and authorities argued Gholston's DNA was found on her body.

Still, a jury acquitted him.

Hobbs' family members -- who asked not to be identified -- spoke with RTV6 reporter Ebone Monet Monday.

Hear from Clark-Hobbs' family in the video player above.

Gholtston is being held without bond, and investigators say DNA evidence links him to Allen's murder.

Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Jack Crawford says the prosecution's case against Gholston is strong even without detailing his long criminal history.

"I wouldn't even try to get in the past history," Crawford said. "It's going to cause difficulty on appeals, and the judge probably will not let it in. DNA is strong evidence. It negates Mr. Gholston's claim that he wasn't with Dominique when she died."

Gholston claims he was in Bluffton, Indiana, more than 100 miles away from where the teen's body was found hog-tied and burned.

It's an alibi Clark-Hobbs' family hopes will not trump the DNA evidence, so that Allen's family gets the justice  they say their mother died without.

Clark-Hobbs' mother, Mary Lou Clark, died just a few weeks ago.

Clark's surviving children say she never got over the murder of her eldest daughter.

Clark talked with RTV6 in November of 2014 , and she expressed relief that Gholston was back behind bars.

"You don't know how happy it makes me to know he's been got and they've got proof that it was him. I want that family -- I feel for that family. I know how they feel. I just hope they do something with him," Clark said.

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  1. So, he raped and murdered one white woman, only to have a jury of morons let him off the hook to rape and murder again?